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How do you know if a fact about car maintenance is actually a fact and not just a widely believed myth? This post can help you get to the truth behind some of the most common car myths.

Car Myths You Should Ignore

Knowing how to take proper care of your vehicle can become even more tricky thanks to the amount of commonly believed car myths that surround us. To help you out, we've compiled a list of some of these myths that you should simply ignore.

You Should Idle Your Engine on Cold Starts

The idea behind this myth is that on cold starts your oil will be thicker because it's been sitting still for some time. So, when you idle your engine, temperatures under your hood will start to pick up, helping your motor oil warm up and flow more easily through your motor. While this sounds logical, idling your engine isn't the ideal way to do this. By sitting idle for five minutes you're simply wasting fuel and contributing to pollution. The best way to get your oil moving during a cold start is by driving away without idling your engine. It isn't recommended that you take off at top speed, but rather slowly drive away. This will help your engine warm up to its ideal operating temperature much faster while reducing the amount of fuel you waste. Learn more about why you shouldn't idle your engine on cold starts by clicking here!

Oil Changes Are Needed Every 3,000 Miles

This is probably the most commonly believed car related myth in history, so don't feel bad if you've religiously gotten your oil changed every three months or 3,000 miles for years. The reason this myth exists is because decades ago we didn't know much about motor oil and technology wasn't as advanced as it is now. Over the years we've been able to develop better oil that keeps engines better protected for longer. Because of this, the 3,000 mile rule no longer holds true. Sticking to this rule won't cause your engine any damage, but it can be a waste of oil and money.  How often you need an oil change will depend on quite a few factors, so there is no one rule everyone should follow. Did you know that a full synthetic oil will last longer than conventional oil? Some oils, like AMSOIL's Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil can even last up to 25,000 miles. If it's time for an oil change, be sure to make it a synthetic oil change. For more tips or to find the perfect products for your car's next oil change, contact Cerberus Systems, Inc. at (717) 658-1256.

Fill up on Fuel in the Morning

Many people believe that filling their tank in the morning is better than waiting to do it in the evening. This myth involves a bit of science, but it's not hard to understand. Basically, the idea is that fuel expands with heat, meaning that if you fill up in the afternoon, your fuel will be expanded. Contrary to this, filling up your tank in the morning will result in more fuel because the colder temperatures will mean it hasn't expanded. While this seems to make sense, it doesn't take into consideration one important fact: where the fuel is stored. Gas stations store their fuel underground where it isn't affected by exterior temperatures, meaning it's basically the same fuel no matter the time of day.

Premium Fuel Is Better

By simply calling it premium fuel, most consumers will automatically assume this type of gasoline offers premium results that regular gas doesn't have. Unfortunately, this isn't true for most cars. Premium fuel is designed for use in specific fuel systems, like those belonging to high performance vehicles. If your car doesn't need premium fuel, then you're simply wasting your money unnecessarily. It won't cause any damage to your car, but it also won't offer any benefits.

Give Your Car a Synthetic Oil Change in Harrisburg

Now that you know which car myths you can discard, you'll have an easier time taking care of your car.  One great way to keep your car in great shape all year long is by giving it a synthetic oil change in Harrisburg. There are many benefits associated with synthetic oil, including a reduced carbon footprint and better protection all year long. Ton find out more, contact Cerberus Systems, Inc. at (717) 658-1256. You can also visit their online shop where you will find a full range of the best AMSOIL Oil products.

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