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Powersports Coolant

Ethylene Glycol 50/50 Pre-Mix Formulation

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Some powersports antifreeze & coolants are recommended for only one type of equipment and are only available in gallons, limiting use and forcing enthusiasts to buy more than they need. In addition, some coolants may not be optimized for powersports cooling systems that contain more aluminum than other cooling systems. AMSOIL Powersports Antifreeze & Coolant is formulated and packaged specifically for all types of powersports equipment. It delivers excellent protection against boil-over, freezing, corrosion and deposits for up to five years, making it perfect for enthusiasts who want the ideal combination of protection and convenience.
  • Advanced design helps control operating temperature in hot-running, high-revving powersports applications. Extended-life formula provides all-season protection for up to five years. Mixed with high-purity water to help prevent scale and deposits and keep your engine running clean. Protects copper, brass/bronze alloys, aluminum, gaskets and hoses. Helps prevent corrosion and inhibit cavitation. Compatible with most coolants. Phosphate-, borate-, nitrite- and 2EH-free.


    Ethylene-glycol formulation provides excellent heat transferHelps prevent metal engine parts from overheating and expanding beyond tolerancesProvides boil-over protection of up to 226°F (108°C) to keep engines protected in the toughest riding conditions


    Robust anti-corrosion additives protect against scale, deposits and corrosion, which inhibit heat transfer and shorten component lifefor maximum protection against depositsEliminates the need to measure and mix fluids


    Provides a long five-year service lifeBorate-, nitrite- and phosphate-freeReduces time spent on maintenance


    Optimized to protect the metals found in powersports cooling systems, including increased aluminum. Compatible with copper and bronze/brass alloys and most common hose and gasket materialsHelps prevent deterioration and leaks. Compatible with most other coolants
  • Use in all powersports applications that require an ethyleneglycol 50/50 premix engine coolant, including on- or off-road motorcycles, UTVs, ATVs, snowmobiles, outboard motors and personal watercraft.

    Use in applications that require any of the following specifications:

    • ASTM D3306
    • ASTM D4985
    • ASTM D6210
    • ASTM D7583
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