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How to Reduce Fuel Use With a Synthetic Oil Change

The Breakdown

Synthetic Oil and Other Factors That Improve Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency and motor oil protection have a direct relation. The better the motor oil lubricates the more fuel efficient your vehicle will be, and the less gasoline being used the better it is for the environment. Basically saving gasoline is a win-win situation for everyone and synthetic oil can make it happen. That is why today at Cerberus Systems, Inc we want to discuss how synthetic oil and other factors can help you save gasoline and improve the fuel economy of your vehicle.

Reduced Gasoline Burn Off With Synthetic Oil Changes

There  is a great variety of hydrocarbons that are byproducts of gasoline and other petroleum products. All are quite harmful, some are even considered to be carcinogenic, and sadly around 50% of hydrocarbons released into the atmosphere are due to vehicle use. Since transportation is so vital to our lives it is difficult to eliminate the use of gasoline but what we can do is reduce it to the best of our ability. The best way to reduce fuel use without having to limit the use of your vehicle is by using synthetic oil. AMSOIL synthetic oil helps improve the fuel economy of your vehicle and actively protects it from all sorts of negative factors, contact a synthetic oil expert today.

Better Driving Habits Equals Greater Fuel Savings

It is also important to keep your driving habits in check, how you drive your vehicle matters when it comes to fuel consumption. Drivers that tend to speed all the time consume more gasoline than normal. Other driving habits such as constant stopping and then taking off at full speed will greatly increment the gasoline consumption. Always avoid going at higher speeds in streets with stop signs or traffic lights and aim for a constant pace that minimizes the need to suddenly brake.

Why We Need to Reduce Gasoline Consumption

Synthetic oil helps reduce the amount of oil waste that is accumulating and endangering our planet, and although motor oil does produce waste, there are also other vehicle fluids that produce large amounts of pollution. Fuel is among the top of these problematic fluids, its effects are greatly devastating our planet our health and our economy. Gasoline is used up much more quickly than other fluids in your engine, it needs to be constantly added in order to keep the vehicle running and tends to burn off pretty fast. The problem with gasoline is that when it is burned up it produces several toxic products that make its way into our atmosphere, but we require it for transportation.

Using Synthetic Oil Leads to Gasoline Savings

Synthetic oil provides a layer of complete lubrication and beneficial properties that coat the engine parts reducing friction and eliminating resistance so that the engine becomes more fuel efficient. The improvements that synthetic oil provides for the fuel economy of your vehicle vary from about 3%-5% and although it may not seem like much, it can end up being a significant improvement for the environment. In a year, the average vehicle consumes around 1,500 liters of gasoline with synthetic oil they would have savings of around 45-75 liters of gasoline a year. If this kind of savings were to be made by most of the vehicles then the gasoline being used and burned off into our air would greatly reduce.

Drive Using the Right Gear for Better Fuel Rendition

Another bad driving habit that wastes the fuel is forcing the engine to drive in the wrong gear, this is mostly an issue with standard vehicles, not automatic transmissions. Since standard transmissions require that the gear is changed according to the speed it is very important to learn to listen to your vehicle´s engine and not force it to drive in the wrong gear, as this will not only waste gasoline but it can also harm the crack, rods, valves and other parts of your vehicle. Change up gears as soon as you notice your engine requires less power and is going at a higher pace, but do not try to force it accelerating intensely as this will also waste much gasoline. In manual transmissions it is important to check what position the gear stick is in as using the other options (such as the one marked with L) will force the engine to stay in a lower gear and not change. If the extra power is not needed this will burn off excess gasoline and harm the engine, so be careful to not shift it by accident.

Synthetic Oil Change Specialists in Pennsylvania

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