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Engine and Transmission Flush

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Engineered for both gasoline and diesel engines and automatic transmissions. Helps improve operating efficiency, increase fuel economy and reduce emissions.

  • AMSOIL Engine and Transmission Flush (FLSH) helps restore fuel economy, increase operating efficiency and reduce emissions in gasoline and diesel engines, and automatic transmissions. Its potent, detergent-based formula cleans sludge and deposit build-up, promoting reduced oil consumption. AMSOIL Engine and Transmission Flush is safe on parts and can be easily disposed of with waste oil.

    Restores Vehicles to Like-New

    New engines and transmissions run more efficiently, but over time they gather harmful deposits that cause power and performance loss. Stop-and-go driving, prolonged idling, short trips that do not allow the engine to reach full operating temperature, towing, the ingestion of air-borne dirt, fuel dilution, water condensation and oxidized oil all can promote sludge build-up in motor oil and transmission fluid. As it settles, sludge clogs narrow oil passages, restricting oil flow to vital parts, especially the upper valve train area.

    • In transmissions, deposits can form on clutch plates, causing hesitation and erratic shifting. Ultimately clutch glazing can set in, reducing the life of the transmission. Deposits in engines and transmissions can accelerate wear, causing power loss and increased fuel consumption.

    • Prepares engines and transmissions for new oil

    • Removes deposits and sludge for improved efficiency, fuel economy and lower emissions

    • Prolongs equipment life

    • Detergent-based formula is environmentally friendly

    • Compatible with seals and gaskets

    • One-treatment results

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