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Avoid causing more damage to your car by eliminating these bad driving habits you didn't even know were bad to begin with.

Bad Driving Habits That Can Be Wrecking Your Car

You may be the perfect driver when it comes to following the law, but how many bad habits do you have when it comes to taking care of your car? You may be aware of some of your bad habits, but there are some you may not even realize are bad. The worst part about this is that those bad habits you're not aware of can actually be damaging your car. To keep your car in the best shape, check out these bad car habits so you can eliminate them from your routine.

Ignoring Dashboard Lights

Everyone is guilty of having driven around with at least one of their dashboard lights on. Whether you didn't know what the light was trying to tell you, simply decided to ignore it, or couldn't find the issue in your car, it's never a good idea to drive around like this. Some dashboard lights need attention right away, while others may be alerting you of a not super pertinent issue. Either way, be sure you at least can identify the most important lights. For example, know how to identify your motor oil light and coolant light. If something else lights up, don't just ignore it. Your owner's manual should have a guide to all of the lights on your dashboard. Pull over and identify it so that you have a clearer understanding of what your car is telling you. If it's a simple issue like you ran out of windshield wiper fluid, you can wait to get home to take care of it. However, if it's telling you you're running out of coolant, you're better off taking care of this issue right away.

Not Keeping up With Maintenance

If you want your car to perform well for a long time, maintenance is absolutely necessary. It can be hard to keep track of how often you need oil changes and tune ups, but it's completely necessary. If you simply ignore your maintenance tasks, your car won't be happy and it'll start showing signs of wear much sooner. Keep in mind that neglecting regular maintenance also means you can run into serious and expensive car troubles more regularly. If you're trying your best to keep up with your car's maintenance, don't skip your next oil change. In fact, be sure to get a synthetic oil change in Chambersburg, PA for the best results. A synthetic oil will last longer than conventional oil, meaning you'll need fewer oil changes every year. Find the perfect oil for your car by contacting Cerberus Systems, Inc. at (717) 658-1256. They can recommend products like  AMSOIL Oil's Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil.

Driving on Empty

If you like to push your car to extremes, like driving on basically fumes, you're going to run into issues more often. Not only do you put yourself in danger of running out of gas completely, running your car on the fuel that has settled at the bottom of your tank isn't ideal. This fuel tends to have debris that has also settled at the bottom of your tank. As this gas runs through your fuel lines, it can clog your fuel filter, adding extra strain on your engine. Prevent this from happening by always keeping your tank at least halfway full. Don't wait until payday or until your fuel light lights up to fill up.

Revving Your Engine on Cold Starts

Cold starts are inevitable, but they way you deal with them makes all the difference. Contrary to popular belief, you don't need to idle your engine in order to warm it up before driving away. This will simply lead to wasted fuel and pollution. With that said, you also shouldn't push your engine too hard right away since this can also cause damage. For the best results, don't let your engine idle for longer than 10 seconds. Drive away slowly so that your engine is able to warm up to its ideal operating temperature without wasting much fuel.

Get a Synthetic Oil Change in Chambersburg, PA

As mentioned above, maintenance is a super important part of keeping your car running well. This is why getting regular synthetic oil changes in Chambersburg is so important. You can find the perfect oil for your vehicle by contacting Cerberus Systems, Inc. at (717) 658-1256. They can recommend their best products or you can even browse their full collection of AMSOIL Oil products in their online shop.

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