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Synthetic Oil for Better Overall Engine Performance

Few things beat the feel of a great performing engine, that has great drive ability. Keeping your engine in top shape and performing at its best is one of the best things you can do for your car. Not only does it help prolong the life time of your vehicle but it also allows every drive to be more smooth and enjoyable. At Cerberus Systems, Inc we know how great it feels to drive a well maintained vehicle and we want you, to always have the best driving experience. That is why we offer great quality products to help your engine stay healthy and working at its very best. Today we will mention some of the best ways in which synthetic oil is able to benefit your engine and your wallet.

Synthetic Oil Enhances the Horsepower of the Engine

When it comes to horsepower it all starts with the engine, and the ability to do its job as smoothly as possible without exerting as much effort. Synthetic oil allows superior lubrication to cover every engine piece, so as it moves it is covered against friction damages and can continue to work properly without being slowed down or damaged. This sort of complete lubrication allows the engine to work more efficiently without as much hold up and without having to work as hard allowing for a more potent horsepower and better feel of the engine.

Synthetic Oil Improves Fuel Economy

The incredible ability of synthetic oil to improve the efficiency of the engine also means that there is an improved fuel economy benefit as well. Since the engine does not have exert as much effort to carry out its functions it does not need to retrieve as much fuel to power those functions. This means a result in improved fuel economy and better gas mileage, that helps both your vehicle and your wallet. Contact us now and find out more on how you can start saving today with Amsoil synthetic oil.

Synthetic Oil Is Resilient to All Kinds of Temperatures

Synthetic oil can withstand any type of temperature and weather, from very low degrees to intense high heat it maintains its properties and protection. We know how hot it can get in Pennsylvanian during the summer and how cold it gets when it snows, therefore you need to have something that protects your engine and your vehicle year round. Synthetic oil has the most adaptable components that allow it to adjust and adapt to different temperatures, without losing its protective elements.

Synthetic Oil Has Excellent Resistance to the Heat

In the heat of the hot summer and in other conditions that cause heat to intensify such as harsh driving conditions and friction, synthetic oil is able to continue to offer a complete and protective flow. This means that unlike other motor oils that thin out in the heat and begin to break down and decompose, synthetic oil does not and maintains a stable chemical composition that is not affected. This results in oil that is able to fully lubricate and last for much longer regardless of the temperatures or conditions that it faces.

Synthetic Oil Offers the Best Protection Even in Cold Temperatures

During the cold months and chilly morning starts many engines face harmful cold starts. This means that the engine has to start cold and that engine pieces scrub one against another while starting the engine because the oil is to thick to travel and lubricate the parts. Most regular motor oils cannot handle cold temperatures and will thicken in the cold, however, with synthetic oil you do not have to worry about this.

Protect Your Engine From Cold Starts With Synthetic Oil

When using synthetic oil you can fully protect your engine against the harmful effects of cold starts that will eventually wreck your engine.  Synthetic oil has a quick reaction even in the cold, it flows smoothly and efficiently to reach all engine parts and protect them from starting without lubrication. Unlike before when you would have to change viscosity grades depending on the temperature or season, you can keep using synthetic oil from one season to another, without facing any type of difficulty.

Synthetic Oil Change in Carlisle

Go in for your synthetic oil change today and see for yourself just how easy it is to maintain your engine and your vehicle in great conditions while prolonging their durability. Trust Amsoil synthetic oil and start witnessing the incredible results immediately. Call us now at (717) 658-1256.

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