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Synthetic Oil Offers Full Protection Against Friction and Sludge Buildup

Not all motor oils offer the same level of protection or the same amount of benefits, using the right motor oil is essential to keeping your vehicle running for a long time. That is why at Cerberus Systems, Inc. we want to further discuss how a synthetic oil change can best protect your engine against harmful factors such as friction and sludge build up.

What Is Friction and How It Affects the Engine

Friction is created between two moving pieces as they scrape against one another while they continue to stay in motion. The engine parts can suffer as this scraping between parts persists. The rubbing between pieces causes heat to accumulate resulting in abrasion and tear, which wears out the parts. This results in the pieces breaking or not being able to properly function any longer.

Complete Protection Against Friction With Synthetic Oil

The role of motor oil is to prevent this from happening by traveling through those moving pieces and engine parts that rub against other, and lubricating them. So that, as they move, they do not scrape roughly against each other, rather, they slide smoothly and easily, being able to move fluently and efficiently maintain motion. However, not all engine oils perform this function with the same efficiency at all times. Full synthetic oil is the motor oil that can best provide protection against friction and its damaging effects. Contact us immediately on (717) 658-1256 to start using synthetic oil and give your engine the right maintenance and full protection that only Amsoil can provide.

No Motor Oil Stands a Chance Against Synthetic Oil

Like with lubrication and other factors, no motor oil compares to the advantages that synthetic oil can provide, specially when it comes to sludge cleanup and removal. Sludge build up causes the engine to have residue stuck to certain parts and eventually clog certain passageways that motor oil needs to lubricate. For this reason, sludge buildup is most dangerous and can cause serious engine damage. Synthetic oil has special additives that make it a powerful solution to help eliminate the soot that may have accumulated over years, specially if the engine previously used conventional motor oils. Since regular motor oil breaks down with the heat and leaves a residue of that decomposition, this adds up and increments the sludge build up. Also, because conventional motor oil does not have the successful ability to remove soot, an engine that normally uses conventional motor oil will have much more sludge build up and a more difficult time getting rid of it, than one that uses synthetic oil.

Synthetic Oil Helps the Engine Regenerate From Sludge Buildup

After using synthetic oil the engine will start regenerating as the synthetic oil begins to remove the soot and eliminates it through the oil filter. Keep an eye on the oil filter often, specially if you have always used conventional oil and are starting to use synthetic oil because it is likely that there will be a lot of sludge that needs to be removed. This means that your oil filter will need to be cleaned out or replaced soon after, but this is a positive thing, as it means the gunk that had accumulated over the years and could soon cause harm to the engine is getting removed.

Changing the Oil Filter Is Also Part of Vehicle Maintenance

As mentioned previously the oil filter plays a very important role in the removal of soot, it also assists in removing any foreign particles that could have introduced themselves inside the engine. As the oil travels through the engine parts it picks up these particles and when it returns to the oil pan and is sucked back up by the oil pump it must first pass through the oil filter where most unknown particles are filtered and removed from the oil. Check and change the oil filter in time, this usually means every oil change or so. To buy this and other important products for engine maintenance visit our online store and choose the item that matches your needs, today.

Great Specials for Your Synthetic Oil Change in Hagerstown

Safeguard your engine and prolong its durability with the best synthetic oil. Amsoil full synthetic oil is the most effective and complete synthetic oil on the market. Get your synthetic oil change today and start experiencing the incredible protection of Amsoil. Call us now at (717) 658-1256 to ask about our product specials and learn how Amsoil can make a positive difference in the life of your engine.

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