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Summer time means really hot weather and lots of going out. That is why it is important that you take care of your motorcycle in and yourself when heading out in the summer heat.

How to Take Care of Your Motorcycle and Yourself When Facing the Summer Weather

Whether you are taking more frequent trips to the beach, heading out on a road trip, or just going to nearby spots, it is important that you take proper care of your motorcycle and that you take the proper precautions when riding out in the summer heat. The following information can help you do just that.

Pay Close Attention to Your Motorcycle´s Fluids

You already know that you need to stay on top of your motorcycle´s maintenance tasks, but during the summer you need to place extra focus on the fluid levels since these are directly affected by the heat. Similar to how the hot weather demands that you intake more fluids to prevent dehydration, it also demands you place closer attention to your motorcycle´s fluids. The high heat causes gasoline to be consumed faster, conventional motor oil to thin out, and coolant to be used up more. So keep all the fluids on check.

Take Care of the Coolant

Make sure that your motorcycle always has enough coolant. This special liquid allows your bike engine to stay in a safe temperature range and prevents overheating, which tends to be more common in the summer weather. Also, make sure that if you are taking a long road trip you carry with you a bottle of coolant just in case.

Check The Oil

Motor oil is another very important fluid it is the life of your engine and vital to its performance. Without it, the engine would face a tremendous amount of friction and heat and quickly break down. Your bike´s engine oil not only lubricates and protect against the scraping and wear of the moving pieces, it also assists in cooling down the engine and has other vital responsibilities. That is why you need to regularly check the oil, especially during the summer. Some manufacturers might also recommend a different oil grade for the summer weather, so consult your owner´s manual what oil grade your bike requires depending on the temperatures.

Get a Synthetic Oil Change

If you use conventional oil the heat can cause your lubricant to thin out and be easily consumed. It is always best to use synthetic oil because it can withstand extremely high temperatures without being affected by the heat. AMSOIL synthetic motorcycle oil is ideal for your summer riding. It provides incomparable coverage against friction, heat, and sludge. If you haven't had a synthetic oil change this summer, now is the time to do it. Contact Cerberus Systems, Inc. at (717) 658-1256 and ask for the right AMSOIL lubricant for your motorcycle.

Other Maintenace Tasks You Should Pay Close Attention to in the Summer

Besides taking care of the fluids and making sure that you stay on top of your oil changes you also need to complete other essential maintenance tasks that are more important in the summer than ever before. For instance, did you know that poorly inflated tires can be an even bigger risk in the summer when the concrete and pavement heats up? Read more about the effects of heat on your tires in this article by The Right Turn blog. Also, be sure to check the battery and other electrical components in your vehicle before heading out on a hot summer day.

Take Care of Yourself When Riding Your Motorcycle in The Summer Heat

Taking care of your motorcycle is very necessary but as you already know, riding a bike also means that you are also exposed to the road conditions. The heat affects you as a rider as much as it affects your bike and that means you also need to be more careful.

Tips to Keep Cool When Riding This Summer

  • Make sure that you wear protective gear that is ventilated and lighter. Use clothing that
  • Wear sunblock and use clothing that covers up your skin so you don´t get a nasty sunburn when riding.
  • Opt for wearing a white helmet in the summer. Dark colored helmets, especially black ones absorb more heat and light while white reflects it.
  • Drink lots of water and stay hydrated when riding out in the sun.
  • Try to ride on the less heated hours of the day and avoid the peak time when the sun is hitting its hardest.

Get Your Bike a Synthetic Oil Change in Carlisle This Summer

This summer take care of yourself and your bike. Never head out on a road trip without checking all fluids, the tires, brakes, and battery. Use high quality maintenance products that protect your motorcycle. AMSOIL is your go-to brand for reliability and quality. Call Contact Cerberus Systems, Inc. today at (717) 658-1256 and make sure that you get your hands on the best synthetic oil for your motorcycle today.

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