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How to Care for Your Dirt Bike and Yourself for a Safer Ride

Although dirt bike riding is an incredible sport that can be greatly enjoyed by many, it does require certain preventive measures and several responsibilities come along with it. Safety is one of those important responsibilities. That is why we want to talk about some important ways to make sure you have a safer ride the next time you head out on your dirt bike.

Keep Your Dirt Bike Well Maintained for a Safer Ride

The first and most important measure of preventive care is to ensure that your bike is well maintained and in a good state. Oil checks and changes are the primary maintenance task that needs to be regularly completed in most vehicles, and this includes motorcycles and dirt bikes. When it comes to dirt bikes there are two types of motors, two-stroke, and four-stroke engines. Whether your bike has a four or two-stroke engine will determine several things such as the type of oil it needs. Both require quality lubrication and wear protection but since they each function differently the oil they need must also be different.

Learn About the Specific Lubrication Needs of Your Dirt Bike

Two stroke engines are somewhat more simple because they only have two main functions which are, compression and combustion. The two-stroke motor oil is mixed with gasoline because the crankcase of these type of engines is part of the induction tract. There are two varieties of two-stroke oil: pre-mix and injector safe. The majority of two-stroke dirt bikes will use pre-mix which is mixed with gasoline. Four-stroke motor oil, on the other hand, is different and more similar to the one you use in your car. It comes in a variety of grades and is not mixed with gasoline.

Read the Owner´s Manual and Use the Right Synthetic Oil to Meet the Needs of Your Dirt Bike Engine

To know what type of oil your dirt bike requires it is important that you check the owner´s manual. Next, you need to decide what quality of oil you are going to purchase. Regular motor oil will offer regular friction protection but synthetic oil will provide superior lubrication for a prolonged period. AMSOIL synthetic oil can help your engine stay safe and well protected even in the most challenging road conditions. Contact Cerberus Systems, Inc. to select the right synthetic motor oil and other maintenance products for you dirt bike.

Inspect Your Bike Before Heading Out

Although regular maintenance and check-ups should keep your dirt bike in good shape it is still important to inspect your bike every time before you head out. Check that the tires are well inflated and in good conditions and that the brakes work well. Then, make sure there is enough coolant in your bike. Lubricate and adjust the chain to make sure it safely stays in place and make sure that all the nuts and bolts are tightened.

Use the Right Gear for Riding

Wearing the right helmet and adequate gear is also important. Dirt bike riding is incredibly fun but it also has its risks and dangers and the trail and roads can be challenging. Even if you are an expert you are not exempt from the possibility of an accident or a hard fall and it is best to stay well protected with the right gear and a sturdy helmet. The helmet should have a face shield that also protects your eyes from the dirt and dust that gets picked up when you ride. It is best that you chose a helmet with the DOT certification, this means it follows the Department of Transportation standards. Also remember that overtime helmets wear out and the protection they provide starts to decrease. You need to replace them around every 3 years or after they suffer an impact. You should also wear the right clothing. That means your arms and legs are covered so that they are better protected. Your shoes should be sturdy and have a sole that can get a good grip on the pedals. For more information on wearing the right gear, and what items you need to stay protected, read Honda´s recommendations, here.   

Synthetic Oil Change for Your Dirt Bike

Many dangerous problems can be avoided by keeping your dirt bike well maintained. Remember to check the fluids and especially the oil level to avoid damage and excessive wear. Change the oil as necessary and use the right products on your bike to keep it safe and in good shape. Call (717) 658-1256 and obtain all the best AMSOIL products for your dirt bike today.

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