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How Synthetic Oil Can Help Reduce Contamination

The fact that vehicles are one of the top pollutants is well known but nothing can worsen our environmental problems more than indifference. Even though many of us cannot stop driving our vehicles and start taking our bikes to work and to every place we need to go, we can decide to take more responsible actions and make better choices that do not negatively impact the environment, or that at least cause less harm than the other options. One important area we can immediately work on is the right product consumption. Using a synthetic oil can alleviate excess waste on our environment and will definitely enhance engine performance.

Reducing Oil Changes Leads to Less Oil Waste

The United States Department of Energy Pollution Control has determined that in order to assist in the improvement of our pollution problems there are some essential steps that need to be taken, the first and most crucial step is reducing the source of the problem. In this case, we can start by improving the motor oil we use to reduce the amount of used motor oil contamination. Full synthetic oil allows this to happen by improving the lubrication execution on your engine for a more prolonged period with a reduced need for oil changes. The fewer oil changes you get, the more oil waste that is prevented from polluting. Synthetic oil lasts much longer, helping the environment while providing great improvements for your engine Contact us now, or visit our Amsoil store today and buy confidently.

Properly Dispose of Used Motor Oil Whether it is Conventional or Synthetic

The oil that is improperly disposed of affects all our environment, our waterways our ecosystem, even our atmosphere. Not all used oil is discarded inadequately but a large amount is, and even just a little-used motor oil in the wrong place can cause great damage. For example, a two-acre contamination oil slick can be created by one single quarter of oil making its way into our waterways,and most oil changes require about 4 to 5 quarts of oils, that means that in a single oil change about 3 or 4 quarts of oil are taken out and discarded. If that is just the waste of one oil change of one vehicle imagine the amount of damage that is being caused by all the oil being eliminated incorrectly if conventional oil changes are usually done 3-4 times a year per vehicle.

Both Conventional and Synthetic Oil Can Be Recycled

Another thing to keep in mind next time you are unsure of where to dispose your used oil is that more than a million gallons of water are immediately contaminated by one gallon of oil. Just to give you an idea of how much water that is, it would be about the amount water that it would take to fill a football sized pool that is 10 feet deep. All types of motor oil cause detriment to the environment if thrown out in the wrong place. The best way to dispose of any type of motor oil is to take it to a recycling facility where it can be adequately recycled. There are several locations for this and there should be one near you, ask around and find out if your city has a location for recycling used motor oil and be sure to take your old and used oil there.

Other Reasons Why Synthetic Oil Is Less Harmful to the Environment

Conventional motor oil is more likely to burn off much quicker and more abundantly, because of its strong petroleum base that tends to be much more volatile. This leads to further emissions and greater pollution. Synthetic oil has very low evaporation percent and results in very little oil burn off, this not only means less pollution but also results in a reduced need to add more oil and decreases the amount of used oil. There is also another thing to consider, and that is fuel savings. Synthetic oil improves the fuel economy of your vehicle, which can mean up to 5% in fuel savings and this is not only good news for you and your vehicle but also for the environment.

Synthetic Oil Changes in Hagerstown Lead to Longer Oil Change Intervals and Reduce Waste

With Amsoil synthetic oil prolongs oil change intervals and start saving the environment one small positive change at a time. At Cerberus Systems, Inc. we offer the most superior quality products for all your synthetic oil changes. Call us at (717) 658-1256 and make a better change today.  

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