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How a Synthetic Oil Change Can Reduce Friction and Improve the Fuel Economy of Your Vehicle

In our previous post we discussed what friction is, and how it can put your engine in grave danger. Today at Cerberus Systems, Inc , we want to further discuss the relation between friction and fuel efficiency and how a synthetic oil change can reduce friction to improve fuel efficiency in your engine.

Friction Makes the Engine Even More Fuel Inefficient Than What it Already Is

The negative side effects include dangerous engine wreck and malfunction of the engine parts due to wear and tear, but that is not all. In more mild cases, where constant friction is a factor of inadequate lubrication, it also leads to fuel loss and inefficiency. Due to the fact that an engine only uses around 18-25 percent of the gasoline to fuel the movement of the wheels that get the car places, it is already quite inefficient. Friction inside the engine, caused the engine to be even more ineffective in its use of gasoline.

Where Does Most of the Gasoline Go?

The other 82-75 percent of the gasoline is used in smaller functions that the engine needs to carry out and to fuel other minor components inside of the vehicle such as the radiator, the water pump etc. However out of that 82-75 percent, about 10% is actually wasted in fuel losses caused by friction, drivetrain and idle losses. This is because friction causes resistance between the moving parts making it difficult to get them to slide past each other. When confronted with friction the engine pulls up more gasoline quickly, in order to make up for the fuel it is having to burn up much faster, as it works harder to get the engine pieces to move past each other.

Synthetic Oil Changes Fight Friction and  Improve Fuel Efficiency

Since the motor oil you use is such an important factor in protecting the engine against friction, it is important to always use a top rated full synthetic oil such as Amsoil. There are many benefits to using Amsoil synthetic oil, and you can read about some of them here in our November post, one of the best benefits is its ability to help improve fuel efficiency. Experience all the benefits of synthetic oil, by going directly to our Amsoil online shop. You may also contact us with any questions or doubts and we will gladly answer your concerns, at Cerberus Systems, Inc. we are here to help.

How the Oil System Works to Provide Lubrication

The lubrication system depends on the motor oil you use to complete its function. The lubrication system works by pulling out the oil from the oil pan and into the pick up tube with the help of the oil pump. The oil pump tends to absorb a large amount of oil as a safety measure, so that the engine is never lacking enough oil to lubricate. That is why the pressure relief valve is there, it dismisses the added pressure that builds up by the excess oil that is many times sucked up by the oil pump. It keeps the engine safe so that the excess pressure does not harm the engine parts or the engine itself. Next, the oil travels to the oil filter, where any foreign material or gunky trash that the oil may be carrying is removed.

Where Does the Oil Go After It Goes Through the Oil Filter?

Once the oil is cleaned out by the oil filter it then goes through the spurt holes and galleries that will diffuse the oil evenly among the parts that need lubrication. After the oil has coated and covered these engine parts it then drips back into the oil pan, from where it will be picked up again so it can continue working and completing this cycle. If the engine has been turned off, the oil pan is where the oil will remain waiting until the engine is turned on again and lubrication is needed.

Incredible Savings and Specials for Your Synthetic Oil Change in Chambersburg

Maintain your engine in great shape and enhance its performance by diminishing the effects of friction with full synthetic oil. Amsoil full synthetic oil will help you start saving right away. Along with improved fuel efficiency, a synthetic oil change can help you save in many ways, so your vehicle and your budget will be grateful and stay safe. Call us now at (717) 658-1256, and ask about our synthetic oil specials, for even greater savings.  

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