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Choosing the Right Marine Oil for Your Boat

There is much variety when it comes to boats. From fishing boats to yachts to pontoon boats and other types of watercraft. Although they are all designed to cruise through the waters, each is designed with a different use in mind and therefore each has its own characteristics. Yet, they all rely on the job of the engine to properly work. Since lubrication is the most important part of engine maintenance we want to discuss how to make sure that your boat is properly protected with the right marine oil.

Protect Your Boat Against Engine Friction With Marine Oil

The main element that affects all engines is friction. The internal motor parts that keep the engine running are constantly sliding past one another, this creates both heat and resistance. The friction wears out the parts and reduces the performance of the engine. Lubrication is required to reduce the friction between the moving pieces and to help maintain the temperature at a safe range. This works pretty much the same in all vehicles. However, for boats, the workload can reach higher levels of intensity and more is demanded of the engine. That means it reaches a much higher amount of revolutions every minute and does not have the facility of taking a break while coasting, like many car engines. All of these factors play an incredible role in the demand for better higher quality and more efficient lubricants.

Use Synthetic Marine Oil to Meet the Needs of Your Boat´s Motor

Most marine oils are manufactured with the environmental elements and conditions in mind. Some do offer somewhat more protection than others. However, the most effective and highest-performance type of marine oil is synthetic marine oil. AMSOIL offers a variety of synthetic oils all designed to protect your marine engine and facilitate its performance. You can contact Cerberus Systems, Inc. at (717) 658-1256 and ask for the most reliable marine oil for your boat.

The Type of Marine Engine Will Determine the Kind of Oil Your Boat Requires

When it comes to marine engines there are two main types of motors. Two-stroke and four-stroke engines. Each has its benefits and differences but their lubrication needs do vary. Two-stroke engines use lubricants that are either premixed with fuel or that mix inside the engine with the fuel. If your marine engine requires two-stroke lubricants you must know the correct oil to fuel ratio. It is very important that you verify in your owner´s manual what kind of oil your boat requires and any specific instructions. Four-stroke marine engines come in different oil grades so you need to check the manufacturer´s recommendations for this as well.

Use Synthetic Oil That is Formulated Especially for Marine Use

It is important to point out that there are different types of two-stroke and four-stroke oils manufactured for other vehicles- For example, many two-stroke oils are engineered for the use of dirt bikes and snowmobiles. While four-stroke oils are similar to those in cars and it may sound easy to just use those oils instead but the additives and properties of each of those lubricants are created with the needs of each vehicle in mind. Not using a marine oil can decrease the durability of your boat, not to mention void the manufacturer´s warranty.  That is why we need to make emphasis on the fact that it is necessary that the maintenance products you use on your marine engine be specifically for the use of watercrafts and boats.

When to Check and Change Your Boat´s Motor Oil

Remember that it is also important to check the oil and to change it regularly. Even if you don´t use your boat very often it is still necessary that you inspect the levels and conditions it is in and that you change it as part of your maintenance routine. That means it should be replaced around every 50-100 hours of use depending on what your manufacturer recommends. If you only use your boat casually it does not mean you get to change it less often. On the contrary, lack of use can cause condensation and contamination may wear out the oil. In this case, you should not consider the hours of use, instead check it often and replace at the first signs of decay.

The Best Products for Your Boat´s Synthetic Oil Change in Hagerstown

At Cerberus Systems, Inc. you can find all the right products for marine application no matter what type of watercraft or boat you have. They carry only the top products on the market and reliable AMSOIL lubricants that will keep your marine engine protected from friction and other harmful factors. Contact them by calling (717) 658-1256 today.

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