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Synthetic Oil Changes and Other Things You Can Do to Prevent Engine Problems This Summer

Friction, heat, and road conditions all become much more intensive and severe during the summer. This can create difficulties for your engine and lead to severe damage. Getting a synthetic oil change will ensure that your engine is well protected against the negative factors that accentuate in the summer. There are also several simple things you can do to help prevent engine failure caused by the heat, and today we want to discuss some of these things.

Maintain All Engine Fluids at an Adequate Level

For the engine, fluids are as necessary as water is for our bodies. Without enough fluids running in our system we would dehydrate. Something similar happens in the engine. There are many fluids that your engine depends on. Transmission fluid, motor oil, brake fluid, and coolant are some examples. All of the engine fluids have an important function and some need more attention than others. Although it is important to keep the motor oil in good conditions all year long, in the summer it can become even more necessary to check and change it. The coolant is another fluid that should be replenished more often during the summer. Without enough motor oil and coolant, the engine struggles to continue working and can collapse.

Synthetic Oil Is Imperative for Protecting Your Engine

The amount and quality of all fluids are important, but especially that of motor oil. Since motor oil carries many responsibilities the higher quality it is the greater protection your engine will receive. Motor oil aids in the reduction of friction and it works toward heat removal. Yet, the ability to remove heat and withstand it varies depending on what type of motor oil you use. Regular motor oil does not react well to elevated temperatures. With the heat, conventional oil begins to deteriorate and its protective properties relinquish. Synthetic oil continues to protect the engine even in high temperatures. That is why we recommend that you get a synthetic oil change during the early summer season. Read our previous post to learn more on how a synthetic oil change can best protect your engine. AMSOIL synthetic oil is the ideal motor oil for this summer. It delivers the lubrication and heat protection that your engine needs no matter how harsh conditions get. Contact us here, and get ready to protect your engine this summer with AMSOIL products.

The Cooling System and Radiator Fluid Are Crucial for Keeping Engine Temperatures Safe

When checking the oil in your engine be sure to also take a look at the coolant levels. The coolant, also known as radiator fluid, carries out a very crucial function. Its job is to flow through the engine reducing the temperatures and making sure the engine doesn´t overheat. The cooling system is made up of several parts that work to transport the coolant to the engine. The water pump, radiator, fan, pressure cap, thermostat, hoses and overflow system area all parts of the cooling system that work together to help prevent excessive temperatures.

How the Cooling System Works

The water pump pushes out the coolant into the engine. Once the coolant refreshes the engine it slips into the thermostat. The thermostat detects the temperature of the coolant itself. If the coolant has reached a high temperature it is sent down into the radiator to cool down before it flows out again. If the coolant has not heated then it is safe to send it back into the water pump so it can run through the engine again. When all the parts of the cooling system work harmoniously the engine should remain at a safe temperature. However if there is a problem in any of the cooling system components it can cause the temperature to increase and lead to overheating.

Make It a Habit to Look at the Temperature Meter in Your Dashboard

Waiting until the temperature gauge marks an overheated engine can be dangerous. That is why it is necessary to know the normal temperature range of your vehicle by constantly glancing down at the level that the temperature gauge marks. Make a mental note of where the temperature needle should be, and if it ever goes over that range stop to check on your engine. It could be that more coolant needs to be added or that the oil is leaking, or there may be a more serious problem that needs to be revised by a professional. Either way, it is important to stop and have this taken care of before there is considerable damage to your engine.

The Best Synthetic Oil Change Specials in Chambersburg This Summer

Hurry, and get your engine well prepared for the summer. Call Cerberus Systems, Inc. at (717) 658-1256 and buy the best products to protect your engine, today.

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