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Caring for Your Vehicle With Oil Checks and Synthetic Oil Changes in Carlisle

Taking good care of you vehicle starts inside out, yes washing it and keeping the paint intact is important, but it is what is on the inside that really counts. No matter how good your vehicle may look on the outside, if the engine is not properly working then very soon your vehicle may stop working and fixing the damage can be much too expensive. The best way to reduce the harmful effects that can place your engine in danger is to routinely check the oil and get synthetic oil changes as needed, and today we want to provide more detailed information regarding this.

Why Motor Oil is Important

You may already know that an essential function of motor oil is lubrication, and this is definitely the top objective, but it does more than just that. Motor oil assist in removing heat and cooling the engine, reducing sludge deposits, gets rid of contaminant particles and stabilizes the acidity inside the engine. It is one of the most important fluids for your car and without enough a lot can go wrong inside the engine. Checking that the oil level is kept at a sufficient quantity is important but so is using a good quality synthetic oil.  Amsoil full synthetic oil is able to satisfy more than just the normal functions of motor oil and provides better, more complete benefits and advantages. Check out all our quality products in our online Amsoil store or contact us here for more information.

Why Perform Regular Oil Checks

Checking the oil does not mean the oil sump needs to be filled every single time. It should, however, help you stay on top of the conditions and level of the oil, allowing you to get to know your engine better and detect any further problems. As you check the oil in your engine make sure that the oil level is adequate. This means that the oil should not be above the full mark on the dipstick or it could also cause problems, it is fairly difficult for this to happen but still, you do not want your engine drowning in oil. However, the most dangerous thing for the engine is for it to be running on very little oil or not enough. This will cause it to wear out, break down and cause a catastrophic wreck. When looking at the oil dipstick and detecting where the oil level is at, make sure that you immediately add more oil if it is near the bottom indicator, or around the middle.

Factors That Affect Oil Durability

When you regularly check the oil it will help you stay on top of any signs or warnings of potential problems.  If you check the oil about once a month the oil should not need to be refilled every time, it may need a bit more added every other month or so but for the most part, a good quality oil will last. However, driving style and habits, as well as the type of motor oil that you use can affect the durability of the oil. Regular motor oil will tend to be used up faster and need more refills and changes because of its reduced ability to face certain harmful conditions.

Detecting Engine Problems That Cause Excessive Oil Consumption

Although, driving factors and the motor oil you use are large factors in how well the oil lasts, it is also important to consider that if your engine is using up a lot of oil in a short period it could be indicating a larger problem. Leaks tend to be the number one culprit for excessive oil consumption but there could also be other underlying causes such as a malfunction in any area of the engine that may cause the engine to twice as hard and use more oil to make up for the impairment. If you notice that your vehicle is consuming more oil than usual it is always better to have it looked at by a professional and detect any issues before the situation aggravates.

Take Advantage of Our Specials for Your Synthetic Oil Change in Carlisle

A car is a significant investment, prolong its endurance by protecting the engine and maintaining it in the best shape possible. Amsoil full synthetic oil is the best option for the well being of your engine and durability of your vehicle. At Cerberus Systems, Inc. we have the best products for your engine maintenance, call us now at (717) 658-1256.

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