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Lawnmowers are one of the most common house tools. There are all types of lawnmowers, from large riding lawnmowers to small portable ones, but they all serve one main purpose, they keep your lawn neat and clean. Lawnmowers like many other machines, have motors that help them work. These motors like the many engines of vehicles, require lubrication in order to function correctly. Although, synthetic oil is a great lubricator for cars and other vehicle engines, it also works wonderfully with the motors of machines like those of lawnmowers. For that reason, today at Cerberus Systems, Inc we want to talk about why synthetic oil is the best type of motor oil for all kinds of lawnmowers.

Choose the Right Synthetic Oil for Your Lawnmower

The type and size of the lawnmower you own, will likely be determined by the type of lawn you have and/or how large your yard is. Little, or large, they keep your yard and lawn looking good, which is why there is nothing worse than when the lawnmower motor breaks down due to a lack of lubrication.  Adequately changing the oil in your lawnmower and using synthetic oil is a great way to prevent motor problems in your lawnmower. It is important to also keep in mind that you should always follow your manufacturer´s instructions. Learn what type of motor oil and what grade oil your manufacturer recommends, this will ensure your engine gets the lubrication type it needs and that you do not void the manufacturer´s warranty. To choose the right synthetic oil for your needs, visit our online AMSOIL store or contact us for more information on what you products best suit your requirements.

Since Lawnmowers Work on Dirty Terrain Synthetic Oil Best Protects Them

When deciding between conventional and synthetic oil there are several things to keep in mind. For one, you need to consider the type of environment in which your lawnmower works. Lawnmowers functions in terrains full of dirt and soil, the dirt can make its way inside the engine and eventually accumulate, causing harm to the engine parts and leading to a more serious malfunction. Although most lawnmower motors are well shielded against large amounts of soil, small dirt particles or minimal amounts of mud can accumulate around it and eventually penetrate inside. On top of its remarkable lubrication properties, synthetic oil also has the ability to help the engine keep sludge free.

Conventional vs. Synthetic Oil in Your Lawnmower

Petroleum based motor oils have a composition that breaks down when confronted with intense heat, and they are no longer able to lubricate or offer protective benefits. Another side effect that this creates, is that the residue left from their breakdown may causes other problems in the engine. This adds up to the soot and soil that may have already accumulated in your lawnmower. Synthetic oil does not breakdown easily, and hardly leaves any residues or other type of gunk, in fact it assists in the clean up of soot and soil build up. The effective additives in synthetic oil remove and absorb accumulated soil, it is then removed when an oil change takes place. The oil filter also retains the sludge, preventing it from returning and sticking to other areas of the engine. This is one of the many benefits of synthetic oil and a great reason to use synthetic oil in your lawnmower.

Synthetic Oil for Year Round Lubrication

Most lawnmowers are usually used most in the summer, when the temperatures rise and there is constant heat, if used in larger yards or lawns that require more care, the lawnmower motor may have to work harder and heat will also add up. Synthetic oil works perfectly in hot temperatures and always protects the engine regardless of how intense the heat may be. Synthetic oil does not only work great in the summer but because it also adapts to the cold weather and lower temperatures, it is the ideal motor oil to use year round. Some lawns or yards still require maintenance in colder months and when using a regular motor oil the oil may thicken and not be able to lubricate the motor properly.

Specials for Your Synthetic Oil Change In Harrisburg

Keep your lawnmower perfectly grooming your yard and your other machines working well, by getting a synthetic oil change. The incredible lubrication properties work as well with small machines as they do with larger vehicles. Amsoil offers the best full synthetic oil for all types of machines. Call (717) 658-1256 now, and learn about our quality synthetic oil specials, for your lawnmower and car.

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