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Racing oil vs. street oil. Qualities of racing oil and street oil. The importance of using the right type of lubrication.

Racing Oil Vs. Street Oil

When it comes to lubrication there is no one size fits all solution. Each motor oil is created to protect the engine from different components and situations. Based on the engine type, use, and conditions that the vehicle faces, the engine will require a lubricant that covers those specific necessities. That is why race vehicles cannot use just any type of motor oil. In fact, the durability of race engines, and of any engine for that matter, is directly related to the reliability of the lubricant it uses.

What Marks the Difference in the Motor Oil of Different Lubrication Applications?

It is obvious that race cars and regular cars need different care and different maintenance products. Not only does the engine differ in many ways but also load of execution is much more demanding for a race vehicle. That is why racing oil has several characteristics that distinguish it from the ordinary street oil. There are three main differences that tell racing oil apart from regular lubricants and those things are: base oil chemistry, the additive package, and the oil´s viscosity.

3 Things That Distinguish Racing Oils from Street Oil

  1. Base chemistry. The molecular composition of an oil will create the base for the lubrication it will provide. Conventional and synthetic blend oils contain a more fragile molecular composition that does not withstand as many conditions as synthetic motor oil does. The strongest molecular composition is found in synthetic oils. Synthetic oil has an increased durability because of its reliability in all kinds of conditions and extreme temperatures. It is safe to say that synthetic oil provides the most protection in any kind of application. The reliable molecular formula of synthetic oil creates the perfect base oil for all kinds of conditions. AMSOIL has the best synthetic racing oils, street oil, and top lubricants for every kind of engine. Contact Cerberus Systems, Inc. now and start experiencing the many benefits of synthetic oil.
  2. Additive package. In addition to just the base oil, engine lubricants are enhanced with additives to assist in the protection and friction coverage. The type of additives that are mixed into the base oil are what help determine what the oil is specialized to do. There are additives such as detergents that help keep the oil clean and free of sludge. There are also additives that prevent viscosity loss and others that improve horsepower performance. Others such as zinc and phosphorus, improve the pressure anti-wear properties of the oil. However, not all additives are needed for all applications and not all additives safely mix with each other. For example, racing oils require a higher zinc and phosphorus amount to improve the protection and anti-wear performance of the oil. Yet, the amounts of these ZDDP (zinc dialkyl dithiophosphate) that assist in race car applications are now restricted for regular street oil because they reduce the durability of the catalytic converter and oxygen sensors. Just like that example, there are many other additives that are ideal for racing but would actually be harmful to a regular car engine and vice versa.
  3. Oil viscosity. Viscosity is a big factor when it comes to race oil. In most, traditional circle track car races, the engine must perform at an increasing speed for several miles. This creates a great increase in the internal temperature and can place the engine at risk. Thicker engine oils perform better in these cases by continuing to provide a sufficient coating that protects the engine parts against friction and assists in cooling them off. Regular vehicles that do not face such intensified conditions do not need to have such thick lubrication because they do not face that level of heat. Drag racing vehicles do not require as much heat protection as those in longer racing conditions because the engine is not as exposed to heat since it is a race that can be completed in just a few seconds.

The Best Products for the Ideal Synthetic Oil Change in Harrisburg

Overall, regular cars don´t need the kind of protection offered by racing oils and a regular motor oil is not enough to truly protect a racing vehicle. That is why it is so important to give each lubricant the correct application and to use quality products. AMSOIL offers the most incredible efficient lubricants for all kinds of vehicles. From a race car to your towing truck at Cerberus Systems, Inc. you will find the best lubricant for your vehicle. Call them now (717) 658-1256 and take advantage of their affordable prices.    

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