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This post will focus on the benefits and disadvantages of two-stroke engines and two-stroke oil suggestions.

Understanding Two-Stroke Lubrication

Being able to differentiate one type of motor oil from another can help you to select the best lubricant to cover the needs and enhance the efficiency of your engine. Today let´s focus on two-stroke engines and their lubrication needs to better understand some of the common motorcycle, snowmobile, and boat engines.

Two-Stroke Engines Fire Once Every Revolution

Two-stroke engines are named that because they complete a power cycle with two strokes, one in each direction. This means that it takes an up and down movement for every power cycle to be completed.  When going through the power cycle a compression stroke happens and right away an explosion of the compressed fuel occurs. As the return stroke initiates, the fuel mix is rushed into the cylinder. That fuel mix is a blend of oil and fuel (gasoline). Yes, that´s right, the design of two-stroke engines is so simplified that it doesn´t contain a separate lubrication system. Instead, the oil travels along with the gasoline, and while it fuels the engine, it also lubricates. This simplifies the design and function but it also makes it less fuel efficient and reduces the lubrication effectiveness, causing faster wear of the engine.

Two-Stroke Engines Don´t Have a Specific Lubrication System

The fuel and oil mix is necessary for the engine to function as it a special blend that requires the right ratio of oil to fuel. That is why two-stroke lubricants are so different than four-stroke oils which just require an oil grade and a specified product use such as marine oil or motorcycle oil, etc. Most two-stroke engines require a pre-mixed formula, which means a specific ratio of oil to fuel needs to be previously blended and then inserted into the engine. There are also some oils that are injector safe and can be added directly. However, it is necessary that you thoroughly read your owner´s manual and consult the type of lubricant, and fuel to oil ratio that is mandated by the manufacturer. For more information on understanding two-stroke oil mix ratios, read this post, here.

Choosing the Best Two-Stroke Lubricant

When selecting a two-stroke lubricant it is important to take into consideration several things. First, determine the application, will you use it for your boat, motorcycle, dirt bike, etc. Next, select the quality of lubricant that you want, as always synthetic is the best option and the most recommend quality type for all engines.  AMSOIL carries a complete variety of lubricants for all kinds of vehicles and motors. If it is a dirt bike or snowmobile that needs lubrication you can use AMOIL´s DOMINATOR® Synthetic 2-Stroke Racing Oil which is ideal for high-performance two-stroke engines that require reliable lubrication. For boats or two-stroke equipment that functions in the water, AMSOIL´S HP Marine Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil is the best solution, as it provides friction protection for marine motors while reducing aquatic toxicity. For help in finding the ideal two-stroke lubricant for your engine, don´t hesitate to contact Cerberus Systems, Inc, through this link.

The Ups and Downs of Two-Stroke Engines

Two-stroke engines aren´t very big but they are quite powerful and that makes them demanded. They also don´t have valves and this adds to their simple construction. These engines are less expensive to manufacture but the fact that it burns off oil along with the fuel makes them more expensive to maintain. The oil in them is consumed a lot faster, and more needs to be added often. Not to mention that they require more gasoline than a four-stroke engine that is more. Their oil and fuel mix also produces more pollution as it is burned, something we should all take into consideration.

Two-Stroke Oil That Matches the Needs of Your Engine

Although two-stroke engines are not as popular now as they used to be, there is still a substantial amount of two-stroke engines in the market, especially when it comes to dirt bikes and motorcycles. They are especially preferred by dirt bike riders that are looking for a bike that is light enough to throw around while keeping a powerful and fast enough speed to compete. Having the right two-stroke oil can make all the difference when it comes to performance, endurance and durability.

Get a Synthetic Oil Change in Chambersburg for Your Two-Stroke Engine

No matter what two-stroke vehicle you have, it is important to use quality lubricants to protect the life of your engine. Two-stroke engines are prone to shorter life spans because they lack a dedicated lubrication system. That is why it is important to use quality synthetic lubricants to improve the durability and performance of your two-stroke engines. Contact Cerberus Systems, Inc. by dialing  (717) 658-1256 and receive personalized help in selecting the lubricants that can best protect your engine.

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